02 May, 2012

Zakka Style Sewalong #2 Pencil Case

My second project from the Zakka Style Book.
{My first is here.}
This pencil case was a tad  more difficult than the pincushion and if you made it from the book would qualify as an advanced beginner sewing project. Of course, I saw Kerry's horse-themed case and immediately got in gear to make an airplane-themed case.
Here's where the directions in the book bogged me down. The whole case is one long strip, folded up with the other end folded down to become the flap. There were no measurements for where those folds might be. Adding embellishments not knowing where the fold would be is a guessing game the first time around. You will see where one of mine got hidden under the band.
I am usually good with visualizing but I had  some trouble envisioning the end result at being only 2 1/2" wide.
My cute striped embellishment got hidden when the
flap was tucked into the band.
I would have liked the stripe on the flap better up an inch.

There were stars on that tan bit under the airplane line drawing.
Until I forgot when I ironed them onto my iron.
They melted.
I added some star 'rivets' to my twill tape band.

Picking out the fabrics et al takes up most of your time. The sewing - 3" seams! takes up hardly any time at all.
I used linen this time too. Do airplanes get to be called Zakka?

Once the case was made up and the colored pencils found, I found it to be the perfect size.

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