29 May, 2011

Olympia Airshow -- Father's Day

 Held in Olympia at the Olympic Flight Museum, this is where the warbirds kick off the summer season.
Frequently mired in rain, we only make it every other year or so. Our friends from the Cascade Warbirds fly in from all over the Northwest. Another site with info.
If you need a ride or just need to step inside a B-17, they have you covered. There is a terrific amount of aviation memorabilia inside the museum as well.

Bud Granley raced this plane for one of our friends at the Reno Air Races.

I don't plan on going this year but my husband might ride with  a stearman buddy (owner of the T-6 above). Then again, the kid is getting his ACL surgery that week so - yeah - it's up in the air.

More photos of the T-6 above.

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