25 May, 2011

Garage Sale Jackpots

My Giveaway is here.
Just a few more hours to comment. 
One of my new favorite blogs had a unique idea for her comments. She asked her commenters to tell of something supernatural or otherworldly that had happened to them. She started it off with a haunted house story from when she lived in Dayton (OR). In fact, what grabbed me was the fact she grew up in Oregon City. Now, she lives on Awaji Island in Japan. If you'd like to enter her giveaway or view the scary stories, it also closes tonight. She's giving away a cool tote.

Last Friday, I went garage saling in Molalla - just south of me and kind of, sort of, on the way home from work. I found all sorts of treasures and most of them will be organized to be re-sold.
---But that's so I can support my habit.

Vintage Jack and Jill Magazines from the 1940's.

All of the sewing whatnots came from one garage sale in a big bin that I bargained a deal for. The books from another sale.

 Underneath all those vintage Duchess and Princess embroidery hoops are about a thousand knitting needles and crochet hooks. I could be exaggerating but seriously, - a bunch.

Haven't decided if I will keep the WISS pinking shears. I'll test them beforehand. I already sent one box off to Iraq for the IBOL guy. This is a charitable (on the side) arm of someone who is serving in Iraq. The idea is make bundles of fabric, or notions, or yarn, and distribute to Iraqi women around Ramadan. It's a backdoor effort that could open some doors for our service personnel in Iraq. My bundle was one of about 500 that went to Fallujah. I may save quite a bit of this for his next push which is this summer. If you are interested, you can keep posted of the dates by reading his blog.

excerpted from his post on May 2, 2011.
 "4.  OMG, OMG, OMG.  June will bring the next round of IBOL.  The big push, pre-Ramadan (which kicks off around 01 August, depending on the moon — really).  Why is it OMG?  I won’t be IBOL.  Yep — sealed the deal.  We’re pushing stuff to Afghanistan.  Maybe a little bit more to Iraq, we’ll see, but we have AWESOME plans for Afghanistan.  Get ready to get giddy, it’s gonna be a ball.  If you’ve enjoyed the secret projects, or enjoyed helping Iraq, or found solace or goodness or reward in helping with IBOL, I suspect you’ll find the same or more when you hear how this is going to play out."

Once you 'make' the deal, it's surprising what is 'tossed' in as part of the "take it out of my house, please".
All of these books were added. A bevy of Chickenscratch patterns, Embroidery stitches, cross-stitch patterns, Scherenschnitte, etc.

Gallon ziploc of embroidery floss. That means I tossed two gallons of floss.  For two reasons - no tags, and tied in knots. I kept out just the bundled skeins with color tags attached. J.P. Coats, DMC, Whites, Star, Lily brands.
There is also a quart ziploc full of glossy rayon floss.

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  1. Oh my goodness! You found some great stuff. I haven't been to a single garage sale yet this year. I will have to remedy that.


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