16 May, 2011

More Spring Flowers

More flower power.
Trying to remember to take joy in the simplest things. Count my blessings and all that.

 Pacific Dogwood

 Dwarf Iris

 Hanging Baskets planted.
I usually do about ten or so, but this year I am cutting back on patio plants.
I'm not going to be a slave to watering.

 Varigated Iris. Delightful blue purple blooms.

 Chinese Dogwood finally in bloom Cornus Kousa.
 Leopard's Bane. Tres important to keep the leopards out of one's yard.

 Very expensive new Rose (meidiland  from Heirloom Roses). 18 of them.

 These plants have all found homes in the ground now.
Hinoke cypress, boxwoods (varigated leaf), tri-color jap. maple, etc.

Tulip location photo. These used to be in smart clumps in this bed but over the years have straggled a bit. (If anyone wants to help me) I need to dig up the bulbs later and replant them. And what to do with more Columbine babies? They are taking over this bed and I'm not happy.

And finally, one wheel barrow load a day keeps
1. more weeds growing?
2. makes spring weeding a smaller chore?
3. hubby occupied in dumping one load a day?
4. all the flower photos pretty?

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