17 May, 2011

Wonderful Day

This morning during the drive to work, I was privileged to view the best sunrise of the year.
During the next two months, I drive to work when it is light and I come home in the evening when it is light. Such a mood lifter.

And when I came home for my mid-day break, UPS had delivered a belated birthday gift to me.
I had an order into Fabric.com because they gave me a birthday coupon code and I utilized the opportunity to buy some knits to play with. Knits don't talk to me the way cotton and polyester fabrics do. But on-line is where one needs to navigate to buy the knits.
Whole 'nother lingo to learn.

Stretch Rayon Tissue Jersey Knit turned out to be a thin, slightly see-thru t-shirt weight knit. I thought the word tissue was descriptive here. This t-shirt caught my eye and this fabric might be used for it. (Light blue/aqua. Water is the color description).
Stretch Jersey ITY Crepe Knit Tie Dye turned out to be gorgeous. A medium-weight knit that feels like crepe. It does.  While I just 'linked' to what ITY means, I still can't remember this acronym for more than 20 seconds. Tie Dye knit? This would make a really cool shirt. I love the color of red swirling around.

Keep Cool Microfiber Performance Knit. Well - that's somewhat self-explanatory. It's performance knit for athletic wear. Has those little dimply thingy's in the fabric too. (butter yellow).
Dimple Knit tubular Combed Cotton. This is more of a medium weight t-shirt fabric that I like in the stores because is skims over my flab rolls better than the tissue-thin knits which are so popular for layering. And Yes - it has dimples. (green and blue - I thought to do some color blocking or something).

100% Organic Cotton Jersey Knit. This is more the interlock-type knit you might find at Joann's or Fabric Depot.   I've seen this weight before. And it's organic!  Will it sew together organically? -- that's what I wanna know. (green)

How did fabric.com know to throw in some airplane fabrics too?

Wonderful Day.

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