02 May, 2011

PSU Farmer's Market

On Saturday, I drove downtown to meet my daughter outside of PSU where she works. Outside the Memorial Union and Library buildings, in the park blocks, is the Saturday Farmer's Market.
It was fun to wander around. In the hurry of parking my car and grabbing what I needed to pass along to my daughter, I forgot to also grab my camera. It was worth it to hike back to where I parked and get my camera.

 Oregon Historical Society's Trompe-l'oeil. Oddly, the OHS site doesn't talk about their 8-story Trompe-'l'oeil's easily (There are two!). You can find out info. here, here & here. Featuring Natives, wagon trains & history of the Oregon trail, this Trompe-l'oeil can be viewed from Broadway & Jefferson streets.

 Park Blocks - looking south towards market.

 All around me, "What's the frog doing here?" "He (the frog) is definitely flirting with the ladies."

 First sunny day in a while on April 30th. 
While it did get to almost 60' today, we were at near frost on morning of May Day.

 "These cookies make me feel like I can fly". Just kidding - didn't sample - love the banner.

 The Art of the Flower Bouquet.

 This is where I discovered Juniper Grove Farms from Redmond. 
Their goat cheeses and milk are divine.

 I love this frothy pink umbrella 'shading' the ice cream stand. After posting the photo, I read they have gluten-free ice cream. Something for next time.

Farm-fresh plants, flowers,  meats & cheeses. I didn't actually count, but better than 100 booths coming from all over Oregon every Saturday to participate in this farmer's market.

 OMG, Iris's.

 Looking, north, away from farmer's market. Park blocks.

I was struck by the juxtaposition of ornate older construction next door
to this cloud-filled modern building.

The brown building on the right is the Ladd House. I believed they moved it back to the original location, restored it and it appears to be for sale now.

Saturdays. Portland Park Blocks. PSU Farmer's Market.

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