26 May, 2011

Bunny Hoppalong

Inundated with vacation advice.
Thanks for all the lovely ideas.

 I think running off to the beach for the day is a wonderful vacation break.
My dogs think it is heaven to go play in the ocean.
Course, we're spoiled here in Oregon. The beach and the mountains are all less than two hours away - easy to get to, leaves time to play.
I also think that because of my seriously 'odd' work situation, I won't be doing anything but  day trips until all of the stress dissolves after July 16th.
But I do have a weeks vacation scheduled (however, my leave slip is not signed) for the last week of July.

I would like to go back to Diamond Lake and spend some more time at Crater Lake and also along the Santiam River. It was so gorgeous last summer.
If money was not an issue, I vote for Costa Rica or at least anywhere near the Caribbean. If I could get 2 weeks in a row, that would obviously be better.
Well - the Aland Islands between Finland & Sweden and visiting my host families there would be more than lovely.
I was intrigued with the gal who was taking the train from Portland to Glacier Natl' Park. But then we've done the train to Seattle to watch the Mariners and 4 hours is good for me on a train.
I'd rather be on the water somewhere.
Too many ideas, now to get cracking  on the details of WHO WON the BUNNY?
I utilized a random number generator thingy on the internet and came up with:
#28  ---Cherie said...
What a cute bunny! We just had a new baby so no vacation for us this year but we may go on some day trips. We live in Connecticut so maybe New York City, New Hampshire, Maine, etc."   Congratulations Cherie. You've won the cute bunny.

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  1. It has gone a bit quiet after the madness of the Giveaway hasn't it? I think everyone is recovering from marathon blog reading. Congratulations Cherie!


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