01 June, 2011

Torn ACL

So the kid managed to completely tear his ACL in his knee. Playing soccer.
He won't be able to ever play soccer again at the risk of tearing his other knee up but he has been told he can play volleyball as this sport involves no twisting. You are looking ahead to play over the net. hmmm....

He is undergoing surgery in a couple of weeks and he sent me this 'animation' to 

uhmm. . . cheer me up?

The surgery will be done in Corvallis and then he is spending his summer recuperating - trying to get full extension back in his knee.
If you cut & paste this address into your browser (or maybe the link will work this time)  and then select 'KNEE' and then 'Torn ACL - Hamstring Graft' you can see an animation of what they will do to my child:

I thought the link was going to show me an actual surgery which is really too much TMI for me. But this is a G-rated animation and now we know.

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