20 June, 2011

Totally Impractical Inspiration

I have been struggling to find my creativity since March. I get that I am busy - with the spring yard work, my overwhelming work situation, and my health issues,  but I dislike the inability to create that has dogged my steps these last few months.
Then I checked out this library book by Clare Youngs, entitled, Scandinavian Needlecraft. Well - I put it in my library hold queue a month or so ago and the book finally appeared. (Probably because the person who checked it out prior to me kept it too long. . . hmmm. . . .)
My work situation has been steadily resolving itself in my favor and I think  -- by allowing some stress to fall by the wayside - this book was simply stunning in it's 'connect' to me Sunday morning.
I immediately wanted to pull out my embroidery thread basket. Visions of a pillow for the couch, a purse to make for etsy danced into my head, and I sat down and made a panel for my work apron.
This photo was taken today - after I finished work and either my embroidery stitches need to get tighter or, possibly, embroidery is NOT suitable to wear at work.

In any case, I did this 6" x 9" panel in about two hours.
It made me happy.
The birdies belly is cutwork. I figure washing the apron will fray the denim, showing the orange fabric behind. This bird is supposed to be expanded 250% to make a bag but I used the image at the size drawn in the book. Some of the detailing was omitted given the smaller size and two hours stitching a work apron!
I played around with the serger and some cool blue multi-colored woolly nylon thread and then zigzagged the panel to the apron. When the panel wears out, I can easily slide my seam ripper under the zigzag stitches and make quick work of a repair job.

Here are some of the other inspiring projects ideas:

 This house on this bag is inspired by Swedish town houses. The technique is all on the machine utilizing the different sizes and thickness of your zigzag stitch. Almost free-motion sewing. . . 

And the pair of reindeer. Made with boiled wool to get that furry texture. I once went to the reindeer races in Rovaniemi, Finland. Gorgeous lappi costumes with saddles and bridles to match.

A second photo of this tote bag with the zigzag outlining. There were several embroidery motifs that caught my eye and I'm just glad my creativity went Zing! yesterday.

I put this book in my Amazon checkout as well. I usually buy books a couple of times a year and my goal is to never pay shipping.

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  1. I like the bird and flower embroidery design on your apron. What a shame the stitches started pulling out so soon. I worry about that with the quilt I'm making now. How will embroidery hold up in a washing machine over years and years? I'm just trying to really weave in the ends so they don't work loose.
    Those red and white reindeer are too precious!


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