31 January, 2010

Flower T-Shirts To Match Her Skirt

They only make Onesies for size 12 months. Why is that? Why can't you find a t-shirt for the little ones? I'm guessing the moms who buy baby stuff really go for the neat onesie look and they must really like snapping those crotch snaps.
Seriously, my niece is starting in on the potty training for the 14 month old and onesies would tragically miss the moment.

I was requested to make the matching shirt a T-Shirt.
Fred Meyers, Target, Macy's and finally, Walmart. --I found a long sleeved red t-shirt in the 18 month size!

Plan B: Cut off the onesie flap and hem like a t-shirt. Worked like a charm too.

I really wanted to work on a white t-shirt. Although the red long-sleeved shirt is now sporting one flower near the shoulder.

I needed a new work apron as well. The front panel takes a lot of wear and tear. My idea is to just replace the front panel when it starts looking 'unprofessional'.

On the left - 'unprofessional'.    On the right, totally spiffy. Flat-out Springy.
Yes - this is the same denim on both. These photos were taken within a minute of each other in the same lighting. The left apron is faded, worn through at the mid-section, and stained.

If you look closely, you'll see the neck strap and ties do not match. I took them off a previous apron and just added them to my new one.
This is my last piece of denim. I bought it here and I would not recommend the quality of their denim to anyone. But I did sew three aprons out of the 1 yard piece. This denim only lasts about three months.
By utilizing a front panel - where most of the wear happens, I managed to make the second one last six months. Here's hoping this one will make it to six months as well.

The pocket at the top is for my Ipod.

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  1. Beautiful pair of t-shirt and skirt. There is nice embroidery work on t-shirt.


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