07 January, 2010

Grass-fed Beef

My small  13 cu.ft. four-shelf freezer is now filled with a quarter beef.
I have been exploring grass-fed beef as an alternative to feedlot beef which are fed things I believe are contributing to my inflammation and lectin intolerance.

I am very allergic to soy anything so my main sources of protein are chicken, turkey, eggs and beef.

This grass-fed vs. feedlot theory seems a bit extreme to me when you run across stories of picking up the beef out of  the back of a pick-up truck that traveled over 500 miles to bring it to Portland.  There are other sources for grass-fed beef but then the extra cost per pound rears its ugly head in your calculations.
Hours later into the research, I'm left  extremely fatigued for even thinking about grass-fed.

Months later, it all just fell into my lap. The beef was raised about 30 miles away, has a name - which I so do not want to know and it didn't eat too many suspicious food sources. We will see if it helps but I can say - I have enough beef for several months.

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