31 January, 2010

Tangerine Dreams

Chasing fireflies' catalog inspiration for my niece.
I know I do not own orange dotted fabric nor do I own the sheer underskirt material, nor do I own the little ribbo
n trimming the underskirt.
I see a trip to fabric depot in my future.
The dress is a bo
dice set into a skirt at the waist. The bodice has pintucks decorating the front center and has a tiny scooped neckline. She could wear it over any white t-shirt or not.
I don’t think I even own a pattern like this anymore but I will look because I feel challenged to create it without one or by pirating pieces from other patterns.
The trick is to fit it without that great-niece anywhere around. 

This catalog is amazing and the ideas are fantastic. A little too much frou-frou and a lot of pink but get past that issue and you have styling clothes for a great-niece.
Be sure and go to the Costume pages. This is what drew me in in the first place.

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