08 January, 2010

The Darcy Dress

From  Burda  Style  2009  #33/80
The Darcy Dress

 For Sewing Inspiration:

This dress with the contrast piping at the hem.
I like this pleated skirt with lace overlay.
This dress with the neck embellishments was intriguing. I think something is missing in the light, airy hemline but not sure what.
I would like to make this Darcy dress. Simple details.

Not sure how this photo got into the Burda style of 2009. Maybe I've been around a one-year-old lately.
This top was made with the same technique I have been using lately. Taking my cheap garage sale found fabric to make the sloper pattern first. And it amazes when it turns out the first time.

I am interested in this technique of making invisible tucks for volume. Not even sure if its applicable to reality but would like to know how to do it.
There are whole websites devoted to shadowfolding.
With that in mind, I have the materials to make this:

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