03 January, 2010


I had a revelation last night.
Convoluted, but the reasoning seems sound.

I was pondering why I have eaten so much this December.
Since Easter, I have been trying a new food allergy regime that is pretty harsh but when I follow it, I feel more energized and my physical symptoms are less.
One of my food problems is trying to discern when I am hungry. For so long food made me sicker and sicker that I have difficulty in determining hunger pangs.
This December -- I have been feeling hunger pangs. When I get home from work, when I am at work, it hasn't seemed to stop. The net result is I have gained about 7 pounds. The choices of good foods for me to eat are limited and I have been turning to bad choices. I am craving these foods. I am craving any food.
The biggest difference is work. For Christmas,  I was given a supervisor  for work who allows that each employee is capable of doing their job. Furthermore, he works in a team effort to get the job done and supervises from a position of respect. A lot of work-related stress has fallen by the wayside.
Interestingly, this is when my appetite returned.
A definite A-ha moment.

My nutritionist has said that when I am reaching for chocolate, my body is indicating hunger.
Chocolate does not show up on my allergy tests - only dairy and soy. This  hunger indicator makes sense to me as I perceive chocolate to be a safe food that makes me feel good.

When I am feeling a craving for chocolate and reaching for it, I have been working on reaching for other foods instead.
 Now, with my latest revelation, where stress keeps my appetite at bay, I can try to keep more good foods at hand. Get back to my weekly soup making. Making sure I have more emergency foods at hand. Trying to eat more good choices so there is less room for bad choice foods that suck up my energy and good health.

My other boss will return and I will need every ounce of energy to deal with that so now is the time to optimize that energy.

Almost a resolution but really pondering the ramifications of how stress plays a part in my health.

The actual resolution is to go for a walk every day.

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