04 January, 2010

About Nothing

Speaking of Top 10 Lists

From Angry Chicken: blog of January 04, 2010.
Amy writes: "I am getting off to a slow start for 2010, which I think is wonderful and I would like to continue the slowed down pace of the last 2 weeks. I have in mind to make a Not Done, Nor Am I Going To Do Today List, which will help me track on a daily basis what I am not doing. I am very excited by this. I tried to start doing less already, especially in the mornings when I seem to get on a cooking/house cleaning/laundry/pick-up-toys merry-go-round and realize I have not sat down for 4 hours."

I love the whole idea of a Not Done, Nor Am I Going To Do It Today List.

I've got the next two days off work to play and visit and take photos. It's been a bit dreary here with the January rains and even the outside lighting doesn't love the camera and your attitude can get dreary as well because none of the photos taken are worth sharing because they are so flat and say nothing at all.

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