23 January, 2010

Dip Dye and Ombre on Project Runway

Have you been watching Project Runway?
I'm a reluctant viewer. I feel stressed when they have to choose their fabrics in fifteen minutes. It takes me 45 minutes to pick out flannel at Joann's!
I feel stressed they have 8 -10 hours to design it, sew it, fit it and finish it.
I actually excel at the absolute last minute way of doing things but this show adds more stress on top of the usual procrastination.
Anyway - this weeks episode has a bit of dip-dyeing and ombre dyeing which my 4H groupies were playing around with recently. Intriguing.
Project Runway: Season 7 Episode 2 Videos | myLifetime.com

If I was more talented -I could show a still of Amy's dip-dyed flirty skirt.
Try this link to another view of the dress she created out of burlap and a little dip-dyeing:


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