16 July, 2014

Garage Sales and Airplanes

I've been so busy covering vacations that I have had little time nor energy for garage sales.
I did get out last Friday.
 As I was talking to the young mom about how I know her mother, I spied one airplane peg.
She said there were two, couldn't find it and thought it was still inside, could she bring it to me at work?
Wasn't that sweet? Fifty cents a piece plus a hand delivery.

I saw this issue of Ottobre in an email and immediately zeroed in on the aviator hat. MUST HAVE.
I ordered it straight away and received it within two weeks which was quite amazing because it's the Fall 2014 pattern issue.

And look at that airplane thread-stitched onto the back of the coat.
It's perfect for this child's coat - not too cartoony (bubble planes) - just enough details to dream about flying real planes.
It could easily be  a stearman biplane or a waco or a travelaire.
All open cockpit biplanes for which you need a leather helmet.

I don't even have boys to sew for right now ;-)


  1. I know a grown 23-year old who would be interested...

  2. Miss Lauryn needs to see the aviator caps by Choly Knight;



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