21 July, 2014

New Pharmacy Building OSU/OHSU/PSU

Looking up at the artsy light installation in the new OHSU/OSU/PSU Combined Medical Services Building on the south Waterfront of Portland, Oregon.
The large atrium with walkways overhead.

OSU- Oregon State University
PSU - Portland State University
OHSU - Oregon Health Sciences University

My son is attending his third year of Pharmacy school here. Last week, we saw his new house he's living in (with two other pharm. students) and stopped to gawk inside this brand new building.

Combining the dental students with doctors, with pharmacy and other medical fields.
World-class medical research.
This building also serves real patients along with state-of-the-art medical technology learning portals.

Weirdly shaped, this is supposed to represent the barge & shipping industry that was positioned here before. If you squint, it's ferry shaped. . .

His main classroom.
 Windows, at the push of a button, will close off light. Seats are backed with dry erase boards for more inter-activity between students. Power point presentations occur on a giant screen (not shown). Presenter can see where they are in presentation by looking at the tv screen above - towards windows.

The new walkway bridge across the Willamette River.

Only walkers, buses, and light rail allowed - no cars. This is at the foot of the OHSU tram that takes you to Pill Hill where the heart of OHSU exists.
No traffic yet - they just connected the middle.

99 luft ballons ?
art installation.

more info:
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  1. Thanks for the tour. None of that was in the works when I moved away from Portland, but it looks so lovely and now I most definitely will have to whine and complain to the hubby until I can go.

  2. OHSU has changed so much since I graduated. I love seeing the new architecture and classroom environment. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the tour! The classroom looks amazing - very different to the Victorian rooms in my school!!!!


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