01 July, 2014

Birds Flying aka I Wish I Had A Pet


Birds love bonking their beaks into my windows.
Usually we only have one crazed bird protecting their nest & territory but this year we have FOUR.
The typical Red Robin bonking repetitively and new to us this year, Song Sparrows.
The Robin bonks the window at mach 2 - maybe 40,000 times per hour. The Song Sparrow at least sings beautifully before he thumps onto  the window. And I think the sparrow really does have a nest nearby unlike the robin who is just plain crazy.

I've tried everything:  soap streaks to break up the reflection, six days respite with the crumpled red tissue paper, foil ribbons blowing. These birds are severely crazy. This year - from early March to - here it's now the 1 of July. Get a Life!

I wasn't sure I wanted to post my two, obviously homemade videos of the crazed birds but then I saw one of my favorite artists, who blogs over at MousesHouses, with her second book, "I Wish I Had A Pet".

We're Off!
This bird is obviously sweet to take missy mouse for a flight.


Here's the Robin from earlier in the Spring. All of my windows have beak streaks - amongst other crud. 
I can't wash them because it might encourage these stinkin' birds to be crazy longer.
0.10 and 0.21 - bird striking the window

And here is todays video of the song sparrow. He  - only the males are crazy - has marked up four windows in his zest to guard his nest.
Turn up your volume - my smarty pants phone now has background noise while recording - getting old - but you can hear this sparrow warble.
This is my kitchen window with the crumpled tissue paper taped up - which worked for only six days.

DOES ANYONE HAVE A BETTER SOLUTION to keep the bird bonking down?
Please save us.


  1. Oh my gosh! How strange! Can you hang fabric. ( old towels or sheets?) outside?

    (PS thanks for the giggle, we use "bonking" for a ,ahem, different, activity!, unless that is what the makes are trying to do!)

    1. Well - maybe they are. They are crazy birds afterall.

  2. Audubon says to stick post-its all over the outside of your windows.

  3. I tried the post its. Which confused Mr. Song Sparrow. He got over it and continued to thump into the windows. I put more post its up. That stopped him. Then he found a fifth window!
    At least he sings before thumping.

  4. To put a positive spin on this, it shows you are the perfect housekeeper with sparkling clean windows!

  5. Not right now they aren't.
    BTW, the post its failed.


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