12 July, 2014

For The Chicken Who Has Everything

My friend Janine (Crafty Tokyo Mama) favorited this item on Etsy.
{I squawked.  I cackled.}

The Seller/Creator says, "This sweater features a full back, straps that fasten with a snap behind the wings and an 8-inch turtleneck and was designed for chickens whose neck feathers are missing. This particular half sweater is hand-crocheted from 100% cotton as Addie lives in Texas where it is very hot."

I think this bit of randomness sums up my life this week. We're in the middle of a heat wave here and trying to work in it - hoping it will cool down enough at night to cool the house down for the next round.

Too many hours at work covering vacations.
The sewing has been at a minimum.

I did sew a maxi-skirt for the 4th of July but I need a couple of photos of it first in order to post.


  1. I raised chickens and if I would have been crocheting instead of cross stitching at the time, I'm sure I would have made a few of these. Too sweet and funny!

  2. Um? Point of? I've never kept chickens, but I'm bermused!


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