08 June, 2012

Good Sewing

 Yesterday afternoon,  I got to sew.
Yesterday's post details some frustration but I wanted to show you some good sewing.

 This cute little frame purse went together easily. I've made a few now.
Hardest part is picking out the fabric.

At a recent garage sale, I picked up this summer tablecloth is fantastic stripes.
The gal selling told me all about her summer tablecloth.
I never tell them what their precious tablecloth is gonna become. They get huffy.

The tablecloth had rust stains in the middle but I knew it had possibilities.

 Look at the fantastic fringe.

In other sewing news, I mended my hubby's swim trunks. These are old.
The cord got frayed and needed to be replaced.

He went out and bought a new pair.
Then he came crying to me because the legs were narrower and were chafing his legs.
{!!!???} chafing?

 All I had to do was remove the center back stitching holding the cord from being pulled through.
Then I attached the new cord to the old with a safety pin and wrapped some scotch tape around the join to make it go through smoother.

Except the tape came off inside the casing. I am so not going to tell him. It's still in there.
I then sewed the center back to hold the new cord in place.
(catching the tags in the seam, r-i-p, re-sew)

He's got a new cord to tie them tight and he's happy.

And he doesn't have to wear the new trunks that chafe.

I think he's just a typical guy who is uncomfortable in new clothes.


  1. Haha you ate funny!! Well I think the purse is great and I love the fringe! Fi

  2. Hi Kathy! You have the most cute pouch! I love ideas to use the special parts of fabrics like you did with the tassels! And the cat is sweet detail! Also your ebroidery bag is so perfect! How great idea to use that vinyl to see what there is inside! Would be practical on a travel, too! x Teje


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