05 June, 2012

Taking A Call -Smartly

  • When the phone rings, proceed accordingly:
    • Answer: Slide  to the right.
    • Send to voice mail: Slide  to the left.
    • Reject with message: Slide  up, and then select the desired message.

I couldn't answer  my new Smart Phone  
      1.  Too smart to read the tutorial.  
      2.  I jabbed at the green button, knowing I am supposed to tap lightly.  
      3.  Well, fine. Three days later: read the tutorial. Dang it.   
      4.  Slide to the right.  lol   Of course!   
      5.  Don't be such an old lady. Read the tutorials on the rest.

1 comment:

  1. So if I call you'll answer this time? LOL --- even so, your phone makes me jealous.


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