02 June, 2012


I have less than 30 days to learn to use my new phone, appropriately called 'Skyrocket'.

The box says I am smart to get this well before our trip to Sweden & Finland as I can't type worth a darn. But wait -- I don't need to. I can speak and the phone will text for me. So cool.
I can download our airplane information, crap, stuff, folder and they can scan us through security via the phone and those little QR square thingamajigs..
I have access to google maps which will tell us how far we are gonna walk to get to that other museum in Stockholm. Or lay up instead at the Ice Bar drinking out of ice, sitting on ice, walking on ice.
You know how we all hate voicemail now? This phone lays out the voicemails visually - like texts. Much easier to access.
Texting - no worries about the hyper-sensitive buttons, just say it and the words magically appear.

I can call my friend in Helsinki to let her know we are almost there and can she pick up up at the bus station?
AT&T also has a data plan that allows for calls 'over there'. I can activate it before I go and tweak it when we get home. So - if the kids need to call, I can leave the phone on without  dying of phone bill shock.
If you use the Wifi in, say, a coffeeshop, then you are not using your data plan which is finite and costs a gazillion dollars if you go over the allotted MB. I plan to use my friends' computers and look for Wifi places to keep data usage to a minimum. We are mostly in major cities, so it shouldn't be difficult.

I had a $125 certificate to Best Buy so I bought some accessories there but they did not have the Powerskin - essentially another battery that 'gloves' the phone. I went back to the AT&T sore where I get a work discount of 50% on accessories (sweet) and bought it there.
The battery only lasts about a day so it needs to be charged every day. The extra battery will buy me some time. Definitely a power hog.

This phone also has rear & front facing cameras - so I can skype with it. So if my friends - who I have not seen in 30 years can't recognize me, we can skype. haha - they don't have this phone so this is for a future trip.

I'm going to learn how to use my new phone this weekend, install some free apps and possibly implode my aging brain cells. So cool.

Anyone out there have favorite free apps???

I just love the name of the phone - so in the airplane moment - Skyrocket - lol
And it says right on the box -- SMART.

My old phone is ten years old and will be retired to the kitchen drawer where it will lie in darkness as an emergency phone if this one dies.


  1. Sounds complicated! I bet the instruction manual is about a foot thick.

  2. Right now I am enjoying playing Draw Something with my family. If you want to see my terrible artwork, let's play! My username is Crafty Tokyo Mama.

  3. Cool. I just added the free version. Phone has an airplane mode so we turn that on and can still play on the plane - not likely that we will sleep anyway.


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