28 June, 2012

It Won't Fit

A Fly-in BBQ sponsored by T.J. Beck Insurance (Canby) last night.
Our first beautiful 80' day filled with sunshine, no wind, no humidity.
The host's little airstrip is just south of us about 5 miles (air) back towards Molalla.
A fantastic BBQ evening spent amongst neighbors, friends, local yokels.

We even won a prize. (for our noseart! lol)
Warbird Best in Show

The above was in lieu of packing - for the trip - on Saturday -leaving at 6:15am!

Thankfully, most of the gifts will get delivered at our second stop in Goteberg (Gothenberg) Sweden. The checked bag contains most of my gifts along with my emergency food.
The suitcase that gets checked is not closing easily. But I will prevail.
My other carry-on and gigantic 'purse' are not communicating either.
We've got less than 36 hours to make these bags close easily.

Doing two loads of wash - some of which also needs to be contained.

Tuesday, I did a vitamin push. B vitamins as well as C, magnesium, & some others were shot into my arm via I-V. I am hoping this helps me navigate the stress of traveling, of not being on my regular schedule, remembering to eat and what time is it anyway.
We start our trip in St. Paul (2 hrs ahead), then proceed to Gothenberg (9 hrs from Oregon which makes it 7 from MN?). Helsinki is another hour ahead and is it any wonder I am confused already?

I am totally enamored of my new smart phone. It knows the time.

My Galaxy Skyrocket talked to my travel e-mails and put together a calender of airplane tickets, times, gates, conf. #'s under the TripIt app. At one glance, I can see all the seat assignments, & travel info.
They say you can load all the e-tickets onto the smart phone and the gate-checker at the airport just scans the barcode showing on your smart phone.
For me, pressure makes my fingers fatter and I would never be able to find the right bar-coded screen in a timely manner (let alone for two people). We are bringing along the file folder of e-tickets.

I forget what the purple flowers are - some bulbs I planted years ago that bloom purple right in time for the 4th.
The orangy-red are Lychnis which sky rockets up. I cut it back and it does it again.

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