22 June, 2012

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Leaving in about a week for the big trip through Sweden & Finland.
So much to do, so little time.

Most of my day is spent communing with my new Smart Phone. Somehow by osmosis, I will become smarter. So far the phone is winning. Actually, I get most of the mini-computer-ness of it all - it's the phone function that defeats me.

The garden is planted - tomatoes, peas, nasturtiums, little tiny pumpkins, butternut squash, cukes - all things that can survive whatever life throws at them. Things that don't need to be babied while we are gone. Glorious red and orange Poppies that will re-seed for another blazing year.

A quick plane ride on a hot & humid afternoon- escaping to the clear coolness at 1000 feet above.

I've been sewing, going to garage sales, working the day job, as per usual -with no photo documentation. Thus - no blogging.

Working on;  My luggage isn't big enough. I still need a semi-dressy outfit, another pair of comfy but dressier shoes. I'd like a hoodie with a zipper down the front- for weather predicaments but haven't found them in the stores I have checked. I have a great blue flowered one but it's gotten a little snug. Is it too much to hope for to find something beyond athletic black or grey?
One of the most useful apps on my new Smart Phone is the 'Memo'.
I am busy making lists. I love it.


  1. Lovely photos. I hope you can find the right hoodie.

  2. I just love poppies! So pretty. Best wishes getting everything you need rounded up for your trip. The airplane ride looks exciting.


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