17 June, 2012



I'm down to one dog now, Rusty is his name.
For over  ten years now, he's been an energetic puppy.
He's got some arthritis in his right shoulder that gives him trouble.

Fetching - his main thought (some may say his only thought) in his brain - puts strain on that shoulder when he reaches or pounces for his ball. We've had to put him on a fetching diet. Three slow rolls of less than 10 feet and that's it.

In the  morning, I let him out to do his business and then we have a quiet-time routine.
He comes back into the garage and I cover him with an old quilt, give him a treat and he sleeps for another hour.

This is a dog who was too hyper to dress-up and would eat any clothes we tried to put him in.
By comparison, his buddy, Rocket, adored dressing up.

So odd to see him snuggling under the covers now.

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  1. It's sad to see your pet slow down. Still, it sounds like he has a good life.


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