07 March, 2012

I Guess I'll Go Eat Worms

I sewed this top for me.

I almost forgot to post these. This is now one of my favorite tops to wear.

Much better day today. All that other stuff in my head will get resolved and shoved out so I have time for the fun stuff.
For my medical, I was trying the entire month of February to  get rid of my Blastocystis parasite (again). The major antibiotic, Nitazoxanide, in addition to Boluoke, an enzyme made from Earthworms(!) to soften the shell of the parasite so the antibiotic could work on the parasite, left  me tired.   The energy was not happening.

Today I felt better, and I am finally blogging about eating worms. For an entire month!

 If I am going to post pictures of ME wearing  my creations, I am going to have to address lighting. My inside house lights all have that yellow tone thing going.
My daughter can take good photos (composition (i.e.  disguise the flab)) but not sure about hubby.
Both my kids are finishing up school and haven't lived at home for several years although I might get the daughter back. She says her soul would die if she had to move back to Canby (from portland) but she's run out of money and we are currently engaging in a call to jesus talk with her about the realities.

She turns 24 in April. She has been managing her life well - it's just difficult to find a good paying job post-school. At what point do parents shut up and at which point is the daughter too old to listen?


  1. I'm sorry you haven't been well. Sounds rough, eating worms. It's hard to make ends meet in this economic climate.

  2. I just knew that shirt would be becoming on you. It looks great. I'm glad your energy is returning. Being sick is no fun.

  3. Good to see your smiling face and the t-shirt looks lovely on you!

  4. This shirt looks so pretty! Your post here and the earlier one are making me want to get this pattern.


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