26 March, 2012

Swedish Coin Purse

I found this tiny fabric remnant - 6"w x 12"l  -- a few months ago and it was re-placed near my purse frames for a rainy day.

Which happens particularly often in Oregon's month of March.

I even added an inside pocket.

I love how this turned out.
I have gifts to make for my upcoming trip to visit friends in Sweden & Finland. One friend has two girls (high school age) and the other has a girl who wants
Monster High Dolls.

Such as this one:

Maybe out-fitted as an aviatrix?

I think some small purses would be easy to bring and give.


  1. Nice fabric pattern on the purse. Your international friends are in for a nice surprise. Are you going to put a gold coin inside?

  2. Oregon Quarter or nickel - maybe both.


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