06 March, 2012

Flower Filler

Sasanqua Camilla

These are photos of flowers from last week but since the weight of the world in the form of new boss, medical situation and et cetera is being dealt with, I give you some of my spring flowers.


Today, there are now white crocuses flanking these dwarf Iris's

Crucuses popping up thru a ground cover.
I liked the composition.

More sunny crocuses. These are the ones the dog dug up creating a 'wallow'.
"Wallow" - a place where bad bored dogs lie down to HIDE.

Thorny, spiny Nootka Roses - starting to think about RUNNING away and popping up more thorny, spiny stalks nearby. I bought some aluminum flashing at Canby Builder's and dug a trench around the running roses. Probably won't stop the bad behavior but it will slow them down. We had an absolute gorgeous day on Sunday and I took care of this chore.
They are growing next to a large tree stump and they do hide it during the rest of the year.

Tiny Narcissi, Narcissus, Narcissii  (sp?)

More of my Iris's

Dwarf Fosythia - my sis sent it from Minnesota

Christmas Cheer Rhodies.


  1. Lovely flowers! At least spring is firmly on its way.


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