25 March, 2012

Traveling With An Auto-Immune

Food for me is such a serious subject. Because of my auto-immune, I react to most foods. I stay completely away from the ones that set off immediate headaches, stiff joints, & bloating. Some of the food intake causes  cumulative reactions which show up days later. Most days, I eat off of a list of about ten foods. I juice an apple, zucchini and celery for my morning drink. This sits easily in my morning tummy. Mid-morning, I like to get some protein from either an egg, beef or chicken. Maybe a salad. I cheat all the time because it is impossible to only eat foods that cause minimal reactions.

I bring this up because I am off traveling this summer to Sweden & Finland for over two weeks.

This is my bad google search map. I am going to have to scan in a better map because I had a difficult time getting internet images to do what I want them to do. We are starting in Goteberg (Gothenberg) on the west coast of Sweden and making our way eastward to Stockholm, Aland Islands, Turku, Helsinki and possibly Rovaniemi (north part of Finland).

It is difficult to manage my auto-immune but not impossible.
Key to my health management is what I call my emergency food stash. I have had to use it quite a bit this week as my new boss keeps asking me to work longer hours - at the last minute. This kit is always in my car for when I need help - due to circumstances- stabilizing my blood sugar and energy levels.

I have been juicing and blendering veggies and fruit since late last summer. This helps out my auto-immune in a number of ways. The smaller particles of food are easier for my body to extract nutrition from. I am also eating more which translates into energy. How am I going to do juicing while traveling?

My niece (with my two practice grandkids) showed me a product that is going to be another tool in my arsenal. They take up nearly an entire aisle at Target. They are at other stores -- in the baby food area.
Usually organic, heavy on veggies, they don't taste half-bad. Well - it's like drinking your veggies, but the apple helps sweeten it up.

I plan on taking these pouches in my checked bag. I am flying domestic and int'l  and what with gifts for the  people I am staying with and my emergency food, I will have to check one bag. For Ireland (two years ago) I used  only a carry-on but we were gone just the one week. This trip is much longer but is anchored by staying with a friend in Goteberg at the beginning and another dear friend in Helsinki at the end.

You have to be at least 4 years (months!) old to enjoy this.
Quite a few contain Chia Seeds - for protein - which causes me to bloat up almost immediately. My 'favorite' is the broccoli and apple pouch. Simple & effective.
I am not sure about Rutabaga - when's the last time you ate this root?

They are for the most part made shelf-stable by the packaging (excessive and not recycling-friendly) and ascorbic acid + lemon juice. For the most part, they taste like what I am throwing in my blender. For traveling, this is a good way to make sure I am getting some bonus calories for the energy expended walking around and seeing the sites.

I am excited about this trip and love that this new product will make my energy easier to manage.

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  1. Thanks for providing a map of your upcoming travels. I am glad you found some healthy juice drinks. I might have to try some for when I am teaching.


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