09 March, 2012

March 7, 2012 Flowers on Friday.

Here's updated pics of stunning spring flowers. 29' last Wednesday night and around 50' during the day. Back to rain soon - but Wednesday - was a sunny day.
I took the photos Wednesday but I finally remembered my Ottobre top photos which I posted instead on Wednesday.

Rusty;ball in mouth --it's like a pacifier

These white crocus and stunning Iris greet me near my driveway.

This Japanese Maple makes a good hide-out for bad bored dogs.
Rusty rearranged all the crocuses which came up in spite of him.


This is that Nootka Rose that WAS sending out runners to take over the world.
I foiled it with 6" wide flashing bought at the hardware store.
It nearly surrounds the Rose except where there are tree roots.

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