13 March, 2012

Snow Surprise

I woke up this morning at 4:30am to loud blinking lights from my alarm clock radio. Discovering the power had gone out during the night, I also discovered it snowed. Nearly four inches (tiny exaggeration).
I tried to go back to sleep after resetting my clock but to no avail. I got up again and woke Rusty to go outside and play.

With Willamette Valley snow, it can melt away very fast and you don't want to lose a minute of enjoyment.
This was our first sticking snowfall in Canbyland this winter so it was very welcome.
Weirdly enough, when I texted my kids (before 6am because I am a good mom!), they did not get any snow and acted all surprised {Portland & Corvallis}.

It's a good day to sit at my sewing machine as I don't have to go back to work.
This was a very wet snow - lost some branches from the weight - and it is now really sloppy wet snow. Rusty and I played at just the right time.

If you like goofy dogs, then watch this.

Or, this. Rusty buried his ball, his tail is wagging wildly, still can't find the ball, you can see green of tennis ball peeking out.

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