14 March, 2012

Wool Bleach Test



I was just asked if the wool yardage I was selling in my etsy shop was 100% wool and have I done a bleach test on it???!!!

Well, then. . .
Google it, and yes, there is. A test, I mean.

Did I know this and forget? It seems simple.
You take a small square of your material and pour a cup of bleach on it. Let it sit in a well-ventilated area and a few hours later?

--- If it totally dissolved, the fabric is 100% wool.

--- If it partially dissolved, it is a wool blend.


Question 1: Does it have to be a whole cup of bleach? I didn't use a whole cup. . .
              2. How long? before it dissolves. I left it overnight in the garage.

My fabric did not dissolve. Therefore, it is a wool blend.
There is also a burn test - if you want the smell of burning hair in your house (go outside).

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