21 August, 2011

An Everlasting Day

I had a day yesterday that just worked out. Serendipitously. We were having a family get-together this weekend so the OSU son needed to get back to Canby. His ride fell through, so I offered to pick him up after my work shift Saturday morning. While we were deciding this, my blogging pal from Japan was here visiting her family in Amity and she said her folks were having a garage sale and I should stop by. Which was just off of 99W. Cool, we can do that.
On the way there, my sister called and said they were headed to the new Evergreen Waterpark in McMinnville - which is also just off of 99W (hwy18).
My blogging pal offered up Boersma's fabric store which was having a fabric sale and I confess, my ears really perked up- especially since I was not dressed to swim. At the waterpark, price signs were discreetly tucked away- the old adage - if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it. So I left for an hour and spent my waterpark admission at Boersma's instead.

My daughter found two tickets to the Timber's game off of Craig's list and she and my sister went there and I took the boys back home via Champoeg to find dinner in Canbyland and then off to the fair we went.

First up - video of Sinbad:

A very impressive outdoor collection since I was here last.

Everything in the waterpark revolves around a theme: airplanes!

See - no signage regarding "The Price Of Admission"

 TWO STORIES of fabrics. Basement fabric sale through the end of August $1.00 off per yard. Free admission.

And then - on to the Clackamas County Fair.



 A few years back my son and I were the last to board the Octopus, late enough that the operator forgot about us when he unloaded the other passengers. So - we went a second time, around, and around, twirling up & down at the same time. We did not hurl but the college-age kids who also got a second ride - one of them did. A proud moment for us but I haven't been on a carnival ride since. . .

 Until this one. We had enough tickets for four rides. With four of us ( and a desire to stave off long day+sibling rivalry), I agreed to go on the ZERO GRAVITY.
---Just a caution - take your hair clips out first.

Begs the question- if I can't touch them - how old are they?

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