06 August, 2011

A New Antique Airplane Show

We almost did not make it to the Cottage Grove Stearman Fly-in. One of our big Stearman buddies crashed and died this week and it has left some of us quite adrift. My husband and I decided to fly down for one day (Instead of the entire weekend) as a tribute to Skeets - our friend.

While enjoying the other classic/antique planes that flew in, I heard this show mentioned by not one, but three people. I had never heard of it and it bears 'making a goal' to attend. The show is in Blakesburg, Iowa and has the added delight of being the week before the National Stearman Fly In that is held in Galesburg, Illinois. Easy enough to enjoy both shows.

Too much sun and too much talking - I leave you
with this video of the Blakesburg Antique Airplane Fly-in.
Pretty planes from 2010.

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