31 August, 2011

Coming Home From The Airshow

This is the B-17 Sentimental Journey on the ground at Madras. At 8:30 Sunday morning, in order to fly home, we needed to get some altitude to get above the smoke from all the Warm Springs fires. We circled the airport a couple of times to get above 5500'. There was a temporary flight restriction (TFR) to the immediate west of the airport because of thick smoke. I think we might have been about 4000' off the ground when I snapped this photo. Heading directly north from the airfield I saw a CHI Helicopter at the end of the field - brought over to help fight the fires which are still going today.

The smoke created an interesting light for the camera on the ground.

CAF's B-25

Looking back towards Madras, the smoke clouds appear solid but are really opaque when you look downwards.
We ended up flying about 6500' and as soon as we cleared the TFR, flew directly west between Jefferson and Hood mountains.

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