28 August, 2011

Central Oregon Airshow & Wildfires

A quick post - we just got back from the Central Oregon Airshow -- which is one of our favorite small airshows where we go to see cool planes, fabulous hot rods, a night airshow and lots of pilot friends.
I will post more about it later but I have to go water my yard now.

 Getting ready for take-off, I think I am fussing with my helmet strap.

Starting to taxi out to the runway. The plane in front of us belongs to a neighbor of ours. It's a Lockheed Electra. Not the one Amelia Earhart flew but it also has an interesting history. It was bought new by the president of Mexico (El Presidente)  who used to stand up inside the cockpit and wave through a sunroof at his admirers.
Between us, in the background, is the Commemorative Airforce's B-17.

And behind all of that is a huge wall of smoke from at least 35 wildfires raging through the Warm Springs Reservation.

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