09 August, 2011

Summer Rag Quilt

Finished sewing - now to snip to make it a rag quilt.
I saw this pattern in a magazine about three years ago, kept it, and in a major visa moment, bought the fabrics two years ago. Oddly enough, it sort of goes with my new-recovered couch and gives the living room a less formal air which the couch was definitely giving off.


Back side - alternating squares of flannel

Quilting details
I finished this last week but have not had a chance to take a daylight photo of my new quilt folded over the couch.
Sigh. . . I am back to leaving in the dark for work.

The quilt is big enough to cover you and keep you toasty while you watch Project Runway - haha - I never watch that on the tv - I prefer to watch it a few days later on my computer - when I have a chance.

Random flower photos from my August garden.

Nicotiana in various pink hues

Coreopsis. I started these plants 20 years ago.

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