07 August, 2011

Wild Flowers of Lookout Mountain - Crook County

Long post filled with photos of some of the wildflowers on Lookout Mountain - east of Prineville (have to add Crook County because of the close proximity of other Lookout Mountains).


Mother Lode Mine


Parry's Larkspur?

Scarlet Gilia (Skyrocket)

All day Trail Ride, aka The Easy Way Up


Near the summit (6926'), sagebrush and balsam (or sunflowers) grow in the meadows

Mountain is made of rocks

Arrowleaf Balsam Root - near the top, nearly done blooming

Our dog meets their dog.
Near the summit, open areas abound, surrounded by Pine Forest and some Firs.
We started our hike wading through endless lakes of Lupine

Bella casually waiting for the slowpoke humans to catch up.

Start of center trail leading directly south to Mother Lode Mine, most direct route to summit.

At the summit, found these crazy colorful pods growing in the protected crevices of rocks.
Woman whom we met said they might be Loco Weed. Two years later - still don't know.

Nestled in the crevice - purplish, spotted pods

Often growing next to the yellow flowering Sedum, the Loco weed pods are intriguing.

One to one & a half foot tall stems with five petaled pink flowers opening up the stem.
Got no idea. Kind of like Clarkia or possibly a Larkspur?

Narrowleaf Penstemon

Single lobe on top. Tri-split on bottom lobe. Yellow center.
The jungle of leaves surrounding this pretty pink specimen made it impossible to help in identifying.
Possibly Lowbush Penstemon?

Alpine Strawberries

Not familiar with this short yellow flower either.

Don't know this one. Growing at the lower (6000') elevation.
Similar to Brown-Eyed Susans.

Western Monkshood

Pretty Asters

California Corn Lilies

Bella & Buttercups (?)

Columbine and Forget-me-nots


Mystery flower. Dusty sage elongated leaves with orange bloom. Low-growing
Indian Paintbrush

Parry's Larkspur


At mine - near head of trail looking northeast

Phenomenal 360 degree view

Looking west towards Cascade Mountains

Looking south

And if, anyone reading this dares to dispute, bring it on.
A very good hike.

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