26 February, 2017

Zion Mennonite Quilt Workshop 2017

Lots of photos below of this years Zion Mennonite Quilters Workshop

45 years!
A long-time friend made the above quilts. She likes hand quilting and working in miniature.
She used her vintage Singer sewing machine. quilts,  and doll for the above display.

 I just love applique quilts.
Below are a couple of close-ups of this quilt. Hand-stitched all the way.

 One of my friends, holding forth. The Zion Mennonite Church maintains an amazing array of quilting library templates and books, which you can check out.

 I also adore these postage stamp quilts. Many of the pieces are one inch. Scraps used from feed sacks or clothing articles. In my dreams, I would find the patience to piece all these teeny blocks into something larger.

 I couldn't tell if this one was from a pattern. It combined raw-edge applique with embroidery elements to create a whimsical baby-sized quilt. Love all the scrapiness.

 And, of course, some red work, along with teeny, tiny,  patchwork.

Many of the pieces of this pinwheel quilt are quite tiny as well.
It is hand-quilted and embellished with embroidery

My big fat finger and how big those pieces really are.

 This quilt was all curves and needle-turned applique. Tiny curved pieces on the bias that want to twist and stretch. Truly artistic.

Also hand-quilted with embroidery embellishment.

Wall hanging size

Cute puppy.

 Love this log cabin design

I tried to cull these photos and succeeded somewhat. I hope you enjoyed looking at them.
I'm not much of a quilter, but I do appreciate fine handwork.

These quilts aren't sent out to a long arm quilter, they are nearly all hand quilted, often in a group setting.

Some of the quilts on display go back to when Oregon was settled. Some are from the Aurora colony.

Last years blog post is here.


  1. Oh my.. that first photo was like eye candy to me.. the vintage machine, the quilt.. the doll. I wish I'd been feeling better and could have attended. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. Beautiful display! Hours and hours of time to create such stunning finished quilts!


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