07 February, 2017

Little Cork Coin Pouch

 Inspiration from one of my facebook sewing groups. I almost derailed to make this right then and there. But I held firm and finished my other two "must do" projects.

This one was super fast to sew. No lining. The cork fabric is backed by a thin knit fabric which works quite well for a finished look inside.

The facebook sewist placed a cut-out heart there but my patch was round, therefore the cut-out was a circle.

Too stinkin'cute. And fast.

***...and two days later, added a copper rivet at the connector for strength. See first photo.


  1. Awesome project! Do you have a wavy blade for your rotary cutter? Nice airplane window!

  2. That turned out super neat.. you are such a great seamstress! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. O
    that is one of the CUTEST pouches I have ever seen! Every aspect is adorable and fun - but the rivet addition takes it over the top - it's both functional, and a perfect addition :D


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