05 February, 2017

WIne Bottle Sleeves

 Creative Girl's Mom, aka Tax Girl, went above and beyond for me lately. Tax Girl showed my parents her townhome, here in town. To no avail; regarding my parents moving closer.

Tax girl also volunteers with AARP Tax Help and helped go over our taxes yesterday.
Her daughter says she likes Pinot Grigio white wines so three bottles were purchased and a search for a wine carrier was made on Pinterest.

Maybe five gazillion sewing tutorials for various wine carriers emerged. I picked this one because there was an opportunity to de-stash my felt box enough to maybe get the lid on -if I could find the lid. Ahem.

 Simple construction. Felt doesn't fray, so the seam became part of the details.
I decorated them with a monogram initial. I should have printed these initials  'mirror-image' from my computer. Not bad for free-hand. They are ironed on with Wonder-Under fusible webbing.

 Reusable. All materials were from my stash. The tutorial called for a covered button. I didn't have any the size I was looking for, but I did have vintage covered ones. Instead of being matchy-matchy with the button matching the monogram. It works.

On  this Super Bowl Sunday, it is raining cats & dogs. Sad, gray light. I probably need a glass of wine after this. lol.

I've done another sewing project that will post on Thursday - it needs time to get to it's destination. It feels good to work the creative angle after so many months of family and work issues that I can't post here.


  1. Great project! It was raining when I went to our local quilt store SALE today, but snowing ever since! Yes, I bought fabric!

  2. Bravo on your handmade wine jackets and the wine gift itself! You're a very generous friend. The 2 green maples you gave us look happy and healthy in our yard. Are the branches supposed to be red? I hope so! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. Below freezing temps and blowing snow here - our oldest son is hosting a Superbowl Party so I'm sure the beer is flowing there! (Go New England, on behalf of my Patriots fan kiddo!) :)

      Sweet bottle bags - I wouldn't have thought to use felt, but what a great idea!

    2. Teresa - yes the new branches have that spring red look. Very pretty!

  3. Your wine bags turned out great! I'm glad the tutorial was helpful.

  4. I love your wine bottle sleeves, Kathy. The vintage buttons are perfect and such a good idea to use felt, making a feature of the seams.


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