21 February, 2017

Project Snap Bags

Another bit of sewing I did this weekend. A couple of snap bags. I haven't made snap bags in forever. A look via my blog search bar (web page - not available on mobile devices) reveals it was spring of 2014.

I was always fond of the dinosaur snap bag that I made for my nephew.

I was trolling the net looking for a project to make (for a certain purpose coming up) and I came across these mesh zippered bags on the Sew4Home website. They used mesh and fold over elastic and were cute... then I read the first comment and made these snap bags instead of a zipper installation

This is a plastic mesh screen I bought at the now defunct RCT fabrics for a pet carrying duffle bag. Which I have yet to make. But I have all the supplies.

I changed up the tutorial to finish my top dfferently. Plus, I didn't have any colored elastic (?). I also only had a smidge of fold-over elastic (FOE) and finished the second with grosgrain ribbon folded in half instead.

These are 8" wide x 7.5" high. The mesh is opaque. You can kinda see what's inside.

Anyhoo - you want to know about the snap - don't you? It's an old tape measure cut into pieces.
When you bend it, it makes a snap sound.

My tape is about one inch shorter than the width. Up there at the top, I inserted the tape and made a pocket to keep it in place. When you open the bag, it SNAPS open. And closes back up. Ingenuous? They are. I just love the snap. There's a video below - turn your volume way up.

I'm a fidgeter. I just love opening and closing these bags repetitively - just to hear snap!

Back of project bag.

Miniature Irises - a month later than last year. Not as warm.

My construction notes for later: 8" wide. Cut mesh 12.5" long, fabric 2.75" wide. Thin batting, and sf-101 on two of the fabric pieces.


  1. I *LOVE* those bags! I think it's called semi-opaque when you can kinda see through it.. and I love bags like that. Would be fun for a knitting bag so you could see the balls of yarn. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. This posting biz is cracking me up. I meant for this to post Tuesday, find out it is Tuesday --because yesterday was not Sunday. Holiday weeks throw me off every time.
    And, yes, I think this would work for knitting. I think the yarn would be be able to come out the top or I could add a grommet 'porthole' for the thread to come out. Perhaps bigger? This 8 incher seems a bit small for knitting.

  3. I've done those snap bags - my kids work on job sites so they were able to bring me dead tape measures when I asked for them :D I never thought of using them with mesh though ... and as it happens, I'm pretty sure I have mesh downstairs - I just need to remember where I stored it :D

  4. I love the top trims! And yes, the snap is oh so satisfying. Now I am going to look outside to see if there is any hope for flowers yet.

  5. Ah - I have elastic in some fab bright colours! I'm reading posts backwards so Hope I find the the original Link!


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