13 February, 2017

Fabric Swap

 I've grown fond of Instagram in the last couple of years. Once I figured out how to make it work for me.

 I get posts from the immediate family that has also discovered IG, but mainly my 'friends' are other sewing peoples and, of course, my airplane peoples. My feed on IG is all about the 94% awesome inspiring photos from people who have left the politics and other stuff you should not say in polite company - at home.

Sewing inspiration, airplane inspiration and nature inspiration. IG is now one of the first things I look at in the morning after I complete my online business chores.

My facebook feed, on the other hand,  is cluttered with friends, family, old high school friends, very interesting people and the other "interesting" people.

It became a chore to read FB during election time. Facebook didn't give me too  much joy - until I discovered sewing groups. Since I comment and look at these sewing photos often, my facebook is now 65% sewing posts.

In one of my FB sewing groups, a query was sent out. One of the gals, in Alaska, home to very few fabric stores, proposed a trade. My ears perked up as I had fallen into sewing lust over this print of Sled Dogs on batik in a turquoise colorway:

You might guess that this Iditarod print was only available in Alaska.

My trading partner wanted these religious fabrics she had seen made up into a wallet from one of the other purse groups we both belong too. I found them at HobbyLobby and we quickly fixed our trade. My sled dogs for an equal $amount in the prints below.

As with all trades, adding something extra is de rigueur. I made Alaska Girl a coin purse featuring a map fabric that just happened to show both Alaska and Oregon with a backing of cork. I don't believe she has sewn with cork yet so I included a scrap as well. And I won't tell you how many yards of the map fabric happened to fall into my cart to get free shipping.

The front is vinyl to be able to see what coins you have. The back is green (sea foam) cork which gives this coin purse stability. Completed with a lace zip.

Sweet trade!

I also like IG because it offers a 2-for-1 deal of being able to post a photo on IG and at the same time post to FB.

I already received my swap with an included coordinating fat quarter of fabric to my sled dog mushers. Awesome possum.


  1. Awesome possum indeed - that sled dogs print is making me breathless - it's just magnificent! Enquiring (nosy) minds want to know what you have planned for that extraordinary print :) Something tells me you'll use every bit of that fabric - as you should - it's just too pretty to waste!

    I believe it's our duty,as sewers and as women, to go to proper lengths to ensure free shipping. I do it - you do it - everybody and their auntie does it - it's the way of the smart shopper :D I think it's also why Amazon Prime is so popular - I spend way more on Amazon because of free shipping, than I would if I had to ensure $35 orders each time, lol!

    1. I don't know on the sled dogs. I think I need to pet it for about a year - age it well in the stash.

  2. Sounds like you made out like a bandit! Love that coin purse!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I keep forgetting about IG! Great zippy pouches - and a fab swap!!


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