14 February, 2017

Valentine Tussy Mussy

Creative girl sent me a facebook link to make Valentine Tussy Mussy's.
Tussy Mussy refers to a tiny bouquet of flowers or a nosegay given to a sweetheart. 

Also called Penny Pockets in the tutorial. In any case, these little tussy mussy's can hold a few treats  - just perfect for Valentine's Day.

The Sweet Treat Pocket Tutorial is here.

I made four, lost interest by the third one and finished the fourth one a day later - just to clear my cutting counter. They use scrap pieces of fabric and some buttons and beads from stash.
The tutorial is all about buying layer cakes (10" squares of a fabric line) and a fabric roll (?). But stash is good. You just need some 10" squares to cut diagonally in half, ribbon, buttons and some decorative beads.

I used ribbons for the handle instead of fabric because, why not? Why cut and stitch a handle when the ribbon drawer yields much faster results?

Laundry day went fairly well Sunday. After a late start, trying to surf over all the sick peoples around me, I made some fresh green juice, prepared breakfast and made a batch of chocolate chip cookies.
Then I sewed the above Tussy Mussy's, packed up DD & DS's valentine care packages. 

I finished an  entire Julie Garwood novel too.

And worked outside pruning overgrown - we've been here for thirty years - shrubs for an hour. I can already see about 20 hours in my future - just pruning for the spring which we have started here. We may get a late freeze - in fact  - we had one Sunday morning but the days will become warmer and the flowers have already started their spring blooming marathon here in the Willamette Valley.

First crocus  - ignore the slug snack on the left

Sunday was a very productive day with me getting around to not only chores but some of the fun stuff.
Not me below - DS sent me photos of his recent hike this weekend.

Glowing Sun sighting.

Mt. Jefferson with Three Sisters in the far background. Sisters are named imaginatively: North Sister, Middle Sister, South Sister.






  1. Those turned out wonderful, what a good mom you are to send out goodies for the kids. I used Amazon to deliver candy, stuffed animals and cute little heart necklaces to my daughter and granddaughters in Ohio. ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤ Happy Valentine's Day!!! ❀.•❤•.✿.•❤

  2. Those tussy mussies (great name!) would go well with the fabric flowers I'm teaching soon! Thanks for the link!

  3. Pretty little pockets, and a nice way to bust some of our prettier scraps (and embellishments!) :) Our Valentine's Day celebration consisted of hubby getting home from work and saying ... "Oh yeah, Happy Valentine's Day - is supper ready?", lol. We don't really celebrate it, although I used to do stuff when the kids were little :D I do send cards to the kids in the family, because it's fun to get mail! I tuck stickers inside as a bonus :)

  4. Nice. Your Tussy Mussies don't look very fussy. However, I am jealous of your February flowers!


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