16 November, 2016

Holiday Candy Dish

 I had a small ball of clothesline left over from my last rope bowl. As I was sewing a medium sized gift last Saturday, I kept bumping into it. And then I saw a rope bowl online that used small strips of fabric wrapping to provide color and Voila!  --- another 20 minute gift completed.

I used one- inch strips of fabric from my scrap basket. I originally pulled whatever colors that got my eye and then as I was sitting down, ruminating on the purpose of this gift, I decided to just do red strips.

These strips are between 4 and 5 inches long - little pops of color on the neutral base.

Finishing off, I did  a little loop with the intention of doing four more. My process is very organic. As I was marking those four spots for the loops, I decided it was such a small candy dish size bowl , that it just needed two loops, which organically, ended in the spiral thingy.

While photographing the bowl for this post, the candy dish looked slightly "off". In a massive "Aha!" moment, I stitched that weird spiral down against the side and now I am very happy with my newest rope bowl.

Styled with my beautiful persimmons. I am waiting for the persimmons to become ripe which actually occurred slightly after Thanksgiving last year. The yellow will  become more orange and there will be a slight give to the fruit when you handle them.


  1. That is just gorgeous.... bravo. Love your rope bowls.. baskets. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. The curly cue adds a nice touch. Gorgeous persimmons!

  3. Very pretty - the colourful fabric addition is a REALLY cool idea - you'll be able to personalize projects just by adding a few scraps in the right colours! What a great idea to stitch the spiral down - it makes a just right 3D embellishment :)

  4. Beautiful! I love your "candy cane" bowl!

  5. Love the extra pop of colour. You make the best rope bowls!

  6. Another fab bowl! I tried to get more washing line today but the shop keeper is, um, "organic" in his timekeeping and hadn't opened by the time I had to leave


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