04 November, 2016

Mobile Blogging Test

I won a scrap pack off Instagram. From someone (local to me) who sews projects and then moves on from the leftover scraps.

No hoarding.

Her IG name is Huntersds and she blogs over at HuntersDesignStudio.com
I made her an orange key fob in return for her generosity.
These fabrics are in my favorite colors but not necessarily what I would buy at the fabric store - books on library shelves.
It's fun to dream in new-to-me fabrics.

Iphone app: Blogo
Note 1: Not bad. Haven't figured out how to re-size photos.
Note 2: hyperlink craziness. The old app couldn't handle them either.
Note 3: Photo doesn't appear in mobile summary.


  1. No hoarding ... is that even possible?! I love scraps - mine are sorted by colour, and I think they're prettier than yardage, but I know that not everyone feels the same :) Which is a good thing, because the people that don't like them, tend to give them to the people that DO like them - and that's a VERY good thing :D Great key fob!


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