06 March, 2016

Random Notes On A Sunday

I found Lance. Fifty cents worth of make-me-smile.

I went to a church rummage sale Friday morning and found treasures!

Wooden thread spools, Cath Kidston pencil pouch, Star Wars fabric, quilt batting.
Patterns, fabric, trims. A Bear with an airplane.

I've had great success separating the wooden spools by color and selling them as a grouping.

I give out stickers to kids at work and made a super deal of a giant handful of sticker sheets for two bucks. I may have whined.

Trivia cards about Oregon.
Various sewing trims. Embroidery cloth.

I threw this into the wash and it came out like new. All the pencil dust washed out.
Twenty five cents. Cute retro alarm clocks

Adjacent to the church is a cemetery and this headstone stopped my car.
I may re-think my cremation plans. Love this memorial. The beads around the base are from University of Oregon Ducks.

It was such a gorgeous morning. As I drove to the sale, I passed new lambs gamboling in the green fields and a beautifully clear Mt. Hood in the distance. I thought about stopping to take photos but I know my phone camera isn't up to far-away shots.

Last week, I pruned my grapes and raspberries. These are ever-bearing raspberries. I get the first crop on last years canes in July and another crop on the new canes in September.

Very easy to start canes. If you live close by, I'd be happy to dig you some. These make awesome raspberry jelly.

The burn pile in the background where my garden 'gnome' hustles the detritus over when burning is allowed. The old canes magically disappear....

This morning, I captured Mr. Hummingbird.
These are my best photos so far.
Inside, at the kitchen window.

If I go outside, they will only buzz me and make angry chirpy noises telling me to go back inside and make more sugar juice.

(btw: 1:4 ratio of sugar to water. or. 1/4 cup sugar to 1 cup water. Boil. Let cool)

My front door. Spring blooming primroses.

I sent my first birthday cake.
Cupcakes to be honest.


Everything to frost them was inside as well.

It arrived intact and much appreciated by the birthday boy.


  1. What a score you got at that sale! Cath Kidston is rather rare to find in Oregon! Love the little bear figurine. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I never pass up a church bazaar; there are always treasures to be found.
    Whenever I see one of those mail sorting videos, I think I should be using more tape on my envelopes. It's a miracle things don't get all jammed up!

  3. Oh my gosh, that machine is amazing!!! Some great treasures at the rummage sale!


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