25 March, 2016

Friday Flowers

 My Christmas Cheer Rhodies are spectacular this year.
We have not had snow to weigh them down although we have had rain and winds.
I've never seen them looking this nice for this long - 26 years.

 The Hostas are unfurling.
 I will have to get some slug bait out soon although they always win in the end anyway.

 A look up to the street. Christmas Cheer Rhododendron forefront. With Redbud in middle with Star Magnolia behind.

My neighbors and I have all tried RedBuds with no success. This one, was bought for an embarrassing amount of $$ and has been in place for five years or so. It's stunning in it's blooms.

 The regular rhodies starting to bloom.

 In front of the big front window are my sea of Anemones. They look a bit ravaged from the rain today but they are doing their patriotic duty!

 Over on the left side of the yard, these yellow and orange short tulips that open like a peony.

 My front door and pathway. Rusty is always leaving his toys out.

 My Sasanqua Camellia. My hubby didn't want an espalier or anything attached to the siding. So I created this by training the camellia to stakes with wire so it would be self-supporting. The entire bush can be pulled 'down' for painting.

This year, several birds have taken up residence. I don't know how I'm going to prune it without dislodging them. Another month may see any babies out of the nest when all the new growth goes all over.

 And this is my side yard I look out the kitchen window at.

The curve of Hostas at the front of the bed. With two Christmas Cheer rhodies at left, the redbud towards the right with the Star Magnolia too close by. That Star Magnolia was sheered to the ground when we cut down our leaning fir trees and then had the temerity to come back from the root stock AFTER I planted the redbud.

All that remains of the crocuses/croci
 Haha! My sis in Minnesota just had her first crocus blooms.

 I have plenty of daffodils after living here for over 25 years. Enough to keep me in bouquets anyway.

 I was trying to pose Rusty but he wasn't cooperating.

I managed to catch a hummingbird outside!

I kind of stopped throwing my flower photos on the blog. I'm much more active on Instagram with those. But Rusty wanted to go in, and then go out, then come back in, then go back out, so I took him for a walk around the yard to settle him down.


  1. Your yard and flowers are sure putting on a big show! I am on the hunt for a big dinner plate sized Magnolia. Know where I might find one for a fair price? Used my car bag today! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  2. I love rhododendrons, but it's too hot here to contemplate growing them. Same with tulips. A beautiful view from your kitchen window, Kathy.

  3. The garden is looking great, I really love the "doughnut"!


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