16 March, 2016

ABC Pouch

 My ABC pouch. Sewn from Noodlehead's Open-Wide Pouch tutorial.

This is the small size. All sewn from stash. (did it decrease any?)
I tried out the alphabet letters  on my machine, ran out of bobbin thread. picked it back up - mid-stream. Lined it with vintage blue gingham.

Another item for my etsy shop. Unles


  1. This is fab, and a great save on the embroidery! Thanks for the post card it arrived today, stuff on its way to you for the count! Xxx

    1. No kidding. I mailed that Saturday. Four days to the UK?

  2. Another amazing bag! Just when I think that I have seen it all, you come up with another great combination of techniques, fabrics, and spatial arrangements. Love the thread alphabet with Dr Seuss fabric - even near his birthday!

  3. Nice bag - I love that vintage alphabet print!

  4. Love that bag! 2 mail items from me in the mail. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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